I started this blog to create a place where I can collect my findings as a newly married woman and mother, in hopes to inspire other women like myself, to create important dialogue between ourselves and share important Islamic knowledge (from the Quran and Sunnah the understanding of the Salaf) that can aid us in bettering ourselves and our families.

If you’re a parent looking for motivation or a woman looking to be inspired, I hope you will find that here insha’Allah*.¬†With an artistic background I plan to do this with creativity in mind so if your’e also into design, crafts and Art this could be the place for you. I am always on the look out for some well designed children’s educational toys, books, resources and if I find it, be sure to know I will share it insha’Allah.

I am currently blessed with two beautiful daughters who are three and one years old. I am going through the process of homeschooling my eldest and will be intending in sharing some of our activities and resources to help anyone else who is also on the mammoth path of homeschooling.

Thank you so much for taking your time to visit my page and I really hope that it aids you one way or another.

*Insha’Allah – If Allah wills